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 Personally Attentive Service And

Results-Focused Family Law Advocacy

Alicia Oliver Leonard at Law, P.C., in Rockford, Illinois, is a proven resource for highly effective representation in divorce and other family law matters. Here, we recognize the tremendous pain and stress our clients must overcome. Attorney Alicia Oliver Leonard does not leave her passion or vibrant, engaging personality at the door, and she will not expect you to discount your emotions, either.

Personally Attentive Service And Results-Focused Family Law Advocacy


Working on a close level with each client, Ms. Leonard strives to define the optimal approach and strategies. You can count on reliable, current guidance based on her experience in area courts. She will offer straight answers on whether your goals are achievable, viable options you have not considered and how best to prepare for each stage in the legal process. You will know your lawyer and be able to reach her when you need answers or advice.

The vast majority of divorce cases settle out of court, and we work rigorously to obtain settlements that achieve our clients' most important objectives. This means protecting children's best interests and parents' vital relationships with them as we target balanced, sustainable child custody and visitation orders. It means guarding vigilantly against unfair financial outcomes. If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation, a veteran of more than 20 jury trials will argue your case in court.


Alicia Oliver Leonard earned her Juris Doctor from Northern Illinois College of Law, where she received the NIU Outstanding Woman Student Award. She gained invaluable early-career experience as a prosecutor on the Domestic Violence Unit and Felony Trial Team of the Winnebago County State's Attorney's Office prior to founding our firm in 2010.


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